Tell me about Adare to Survive?
Adare to Survive is a 7.5K military style obstacle course. Set in the grounds of Clonshire Equestrian Centre participants will have to run through obstacles including water, fire, barbed wire, nets etc.
When and where can I register?
Registration for Adare to Survive will begin in early 2017.
What time does the event start?
The event will start with the first wave at 11:00am.
What makes this event special?
Adare to Survive is like a mash up of all the best elements of different kinds of events! It's more fun than a road race, it's not just a mud run, it's not as long as an adventure race and it's as satisfying to complete as any of the above. So it's Tough, Fun, Challenging, Achievable with a great party atmosphere on the day!
The course, what's the deal?
The course is Tough!!!
No point in lying about it, you will get wet, cold, tired, mucky and sore but you won't be sorry!
Is it for me?
Why not?
Do you like a challenge? Do you like to push yourself? Do you like to have fun? Do you like to meet like minded people with a great sense of adventure?
If you answered yes to any of the above then Adare to Survive is for you!
Not only will you have a blast on the day but you will walk away with a great sense of achievement from surviving whatever we throw at you.
Is there a mass start?
No, there will be a number of wave starts.
Wave times will be provided prior to the event.
Can I change waves?
The short answer is no, but there is an option to book in with a friend to a wave (i.e when registering name the person you want to do the race with).
All teams will automatically start in the same wave.
Wave times will be announced before the event so you can request to make any changes then. We will do our very best to facilitate any requests but cannot guarantee it.
What should I wear?
A light breathable top and shorts, leggings or tights. Skin tight leggings are recommended but not mandatory. Waterproof trousers are not allowed.
Don't wear new gear - 1. You will get very dirty and you may even lose or tear clothing! And 2. Breaking in new gear is never a good idea on race day!
Off-road runners that are well worn-in are probably your best option for footwear.
Again don't wear new ones for the same reasons as stated above!
Walking boots are not allowed.
Sounds like it could be painful, what about blisters and other horrible things like that?
Do not use any new gear for this event, wear something that is well worn in, if you are prone to blisters in a certain spot use Vaseline or zinc oxide tape. If you are not sure how to tape your feet we recommend that you find someone who is! You will be glad afterwards.
Will I get wet?
Yep! As well as the Pond, there is a Icey Skip to have a dunk in!
No Swimming / Kayaking sections.
Will I get cold?
Hopefully not, although you will be wet you should be constantly moving so we don't think you should get too cold!
How challenging are the obstacles?
Some of the obstacles will be tougher than others but all have been designed in a way that makes them do-able for every participant. We will also have marshals at each obstacle and if help is required on the more difficult sections then they will give a helping hand (and lots of encouragement!).
Can I listen to my iPod?
No, and it's for your own good - the main reasons being it will get wet, damaged or lost! And that would suck!
Can I take part if I am under 18?
No, for insurance purposes, you must be over 18 years of age to take part.
Will there be electronic timing used?
This is a challenge, not a race.
Do I need to navigate?
No, the course will be clearly marked and marshaled.
Can I do this?
The only thing stopping you is you!
Can I view photos of previous events?
Yes - check out our gallery!
Can I see the results from previous events?
It's a challenge, not a race.
Is there somewhere I can stay?
The Woodlands House Hotel will be our accommodation partner for the event with packages being offered for ADARE TO SURVIVE participants. For more information contact Woodlands House Hotel:

Tel: 061 605100
What comes in the race pack?
You will receive your race bib number and exclusive finishers technical t-shirt.
Can I pick up my team mates packs?
Yes. One team member can pick up the Race Pack for the full team. You must have photo ID and your confirmation email printed with you to collect the pack.
Can I pick up my friends pack?
Yes although you can now only pick the Race Pack up of ONE OTHER PERSON so a maximum of two Race Packs per person. You must have photo ID and your registration confirmation email printed with you for both packs. To help prevent delays, please also have your race number and those of any other participant with you.
Where do I park?
There is free on-site parking.
Can I change somewhere?
It is important to bring a towel and complete change of warm, dry clothes with you for after the event because you will be cold and wet and have a distance to travel back to the car park ahead of you!
Are there showers?
Not so much showers as a hose down area, but yes, you will be able to get the muck off yourself.
How does the team challenge work?
The Team Challenge is what is says on the tin, a challenge for all the team to complete - it's not a relay. If you enter as part of a team you must still complete the full distance but you will have the added advantage of a few buddies to help you through it!
Is there rope work?
Yes. There are a number of obstacles that require rope work as well as netting to be navigated on some obstacles.
Should I carry water?
No need to carry water with you as there will be water stations located along the course.
What training should I do?
Check out the training section of our website for all training related information and tips.
Where can I collect my race pack?
Race pack collection is on the day.
How do I get to Clonshire?
Check out the map here.
Where can I leave my stuff?
We will have an area on site on the day for keys, mobile phones and small items. We would however recommend that you bring as little as possible!
Can I change somewhere?
Yes, there will be a ladies and gents changing area on site.
Who can I contact for more information?
In advance of the event, you can contact:

Ray Nash: Email: - Mobile: 087 821 8725
Mark Tuohy: Email: - Mobile: 086 835 0305